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Websites: development, design and maintenance

Are you looking for your right hand in everything that has to do with web development and graphic design? Do you already have a website on Wordpress or do you want to build a new one?

Entrust all work related to web development, graphic design and website maintenance to our small team of specialists with no unnecessary costs such as a monthly service fee: you only pay when you need us.

Step by step, from idea to a website that delivers results



We start with goal setting: what do you want to achieve with the website? If you already have a website, is it difficult to maintain? Why? If it is a new design, what are the visual guidelines to follow? What is your target group and what will be your visitor's journey through the website? Will it be a simple landing page, a multi-page website or an online store? A detailed analysis of the assignment helps to avoid many corrections in the coming stages. During the briefing, we will also analyze the material you already have and determine what is missing.


Site map

Before we start designing, let us first work on the architecture of the future website. We define how many pages it should have, if it will be provided with a customer portal / appointment booking / shopping cart and what target action the user should take. We will develop a concept for the user experience and present it to you in the form of a simple chart. The site map also represents where text, images etc. should be located, and what else needs to be developed before proceeding with the layout design.


Copy, images and visual guidelines

Usually, customers provide us with the text information and photos that should be adapted and used on the website. However, depending on the goals and scope of the project, we can help you with copywriting and purchase licensed photographs. We also undertake the development of all graphic elements on the site - banners, icons, etc. We assume that your company already has a logo and graphic profile, but if not, we can develop them right at this stage. Clear visual guidelines for your company or brand make it recognized and respected by your customers, simplify communication with them and increase sales. So we always recommend taking design seriously and developing at least a simple corporate identity before building your website.



Once all the content for the website is ready, we can move on to design. First of all, we prepare a static PDF prototype, which can be easily modified if necessary. For a multi-page site, we prepare layouts of 3-4 main pages and send them for your approval. So, you can be sure that we are going in the right direction with the design and make all the necessary improvements before transferring the design to WordPress.


Building the site on our internal hosting

With an approved prototype and all necessary materials at hand, we first build the website on a temporary hosting. Here we can make all the necessary adjustments and check that everything works as it should. We also create a mobile and tablet version for each page, so that it looks good on different devices.


Transferring the site to the permanent hosting

When the page is ready and approved, we transfer it from our internal hosting to your permanent one and set up additional functions, such as translation into other languages. Now you can start using the website! All our price packages also include basic SEO for the main pages, so that they rank in Google. If necessary, we can also do a more profound analysis and search engine optimization.

Our price packages for web design

Landing page

• Help with hosting configuration.
• A single webpage of 10-12 screens
• Adjusted for mobile phone and tablet view.
• Standard SEO

Eventually with contact form, connection to Google Analytics and Google Maps, customer portal and appointment booking system.

from 9 990 SEK

Multipage website

• From 2 up to 30 linked pages that will tell in detail about your company's services, products and achievements.
• Design of all graphic elements (except for logo).
• Customized contact form.
• Eventually with an integrated blog, catalogue or portfolio.
• Possible to add website versions in other languages.
• Adjusted for mobile phone and tablet view.

You can always edit texts on the website yourself, as well as replace images and add new blog posts.

from 24 990 SEK


• A webshop with 10 sample products, easy adjustable product cards, and cart that allows direct online sales via the website. Build on a popular WordPress based plugin Woocommerce.
• Customer portal
• Possible to add website versions in other languages.
• Eventually with an integrated blog or portfolio.
• Adjusted for mobile phone and tablet view.

You can easily administrate the shop youself, add new products, adjust product descriptions etc.

from 35 990 SEK

Löpande underhåll av webbplatser

Every modern website requires regular maintenance. Do you always want to be sure that your website is working as it should? Then our support package may be right for you:

• We make sure all your add-ons are up to date and working properly.
• We manage your subscribtions and licenses.
• We check that the contact form works well and that your page is protected from spam.
• If an error occurs on your website, we will fix it right away.

799 SEK per month

Contact us to book your logo package



Yes, usually we can take care of your WordPress-based site. Let our specialists analyze your installation and suggest a solution. For this, our hourly rate of SEK 799/hour + VAT applies.

It's hard to say because every project is unique. Depending on the complexity, the development of a new website can take from 2 weeks to 3-4 months.
WordPress is the largest Content Management System in the world and therefore there are many plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress based websites. We usually build our websites with the Elementor tool, which is very easy to use and allows you as a customer to change many things on your website on your own.
Typically, our clients provide texts, custom photos of products or the business environment, as well as a logo and corporate identity guidelines. If you lack any of these, we can help you with its development.
Yes! In addition to basic optimization, which is included in every package, we offer effective search engine optimization with rental links or permanent links and SEO analysis with professional tools Ahrefs. We also recommend using tools like backlink checker, broken link checker, keyword generator and other tools that help you improve your website and see how it performs. When the website is optimized, we can manage advertising in Google Ads, cut out irrelevant keywords, etc.

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